WA Police Pipe Band with Scotty Cummings

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WA Police Pipe Band Visit SEN WA

It was quite a loud and unexpected morning for former West Coast Eagles player Scotty Cummings.

The former footy player turned radio host was on his WA breakfast show earlier today with co-host Tim Gossage and former Fremantle Dockers player Garrick Ibbotson when the WA Police Pipe Band decided to pay him a surprise visit.
After Scotty had mentioned a few days ago that his most hated instrument was the bagpipes, our pipe band thought this would be the perfect opportunity to change his mind, or at the very least wake him up for the morning!
After first performing some traditional songs, the band then serenaded the former Eagles player with an excellent rendition of the Fremantle Dockers theme.
Thanks again to the guys at SEN WA for having us over for some fun!