Want to become a police officer?

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Let's Join Forces

Do you have passion? The motivation to help others? Do you value teamwork?

Become a police officer: the WA Police Force is recruiting now!

Opportunities within the WA Police Force are numerous, on a scale never before seen.

The WA Police Force is one of the most highly-regarded enforcement agencies in the world, reinforced by game-changing innovation.  It’s commitment to technology is demonstrated in recent investments in body armour, body worn cameras, and mobile phones with extraordinary apps to assist police in protecting and caring for the community. Police officers are now operating drones, making a phenomenal difference in crime fighting and search and rescue operations.

When it comes to career paths, each officer creates their own journey. Once probation is completed, you can apply for a wide range of positions in units or divisions that are of interest. You can map out your own career, with the flexibility to change or double back on a regular basis.

Senior Sergeant Matt Sharp provides a great example of just how much a policing career has to offer. He was interviewed on Telethon 2021 about the path he took. Take a look below.

The State Government has committed to recruit 950 police officers over four years, so there’s never been a better time to join forces with us.

WA Police Recruits are trained, tested and educated around WA law. The bond created during training is memorable as you make friends for life as part of the “blue family”. Across 28 intense weeks, you’ll be challenged physically and mentally, and the reward is exhilarating.

The WA Police Academy has a makeshift town, including shops, a bar, a bank and a petrol station, where realistic scenarios are played out. Here you’ll be taught the essential skills to resolve the situations you will come to face as a serving police officer, dealing in conflict resolution and overcoming obstacles.

You’ll learn about teamwork, duty, integrity and care, our core values. You will wear the uniform with pride at Graduation, as the Police Commissioner salutes you and welcomes you to the WA Police Force.

Today’s officers carry out an incredible range of tasks, and the scope of policing is always expanding. It’s a career that’s both exciting and rewarding, so Let’s Join Forces - apply now!