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AdoptASchool WA Police

Police Operations Centre D Team has been helping to change the life of a young Balinese child through their fundraising efforts.

D team collects donations on their last night shift every rotation from those opting to wear free dress. The proceeds are distributed to three charities - Legacy Australia, Police Legacy and to the education of Balinese student Putu Risma via WA-run charity AdoptASchool.

Originally AdoptASchool was a bridging program designed to keep children in school following the 2002 Bali bombing and the subsequent loss of jobs and income for parents.

In time, many of these parents regained work as the tourist industry in Bali recovered, meaning their children were no longer eligible for sponsorship. Today the charity still actively assists struggling families with financial assistance by paying the child’s education bills  of $150 (primary school) and $200 (high school) per annum. The financial assistance is paid directly to the school and includes the student’s school fees, uniform and books for that year.

This is where D Team has stepped in to sponsor Putu’s education. He was born without hands and the team wanted to ensure his access to education was able to be accommodated.

In addition to paying for his education for the past three years, D Team members have also provided a refurbished laptop and a custom designed school bag which Putu can open and close.