Commissioner of Police

Col Blanch

Commissioner Blanch

Mr Col Blanch joined the WA Police Force as Assistant Commissioner, Intelligence & Command in June 2018. He was appointed Deputy Commissioner in November 2018 to 14 July 2022. Effective 15 July 2022 he was appointed the 29th Commissioner of Police. The Queen's Birthday Honours List saw him awarded the Australian Police Medal for distinguished service on 6 August 2020.

As Assistant Commissioner and then Deputy Commissioner, Mr Blanch has led the technology reform for the WA Police Force, by transforming Information Technology into Operational Technology with a clear future focus on innovation and delivery, providing officers with modern tools to enhance their safety and improve their ability to respond to critical incidents and solve crime faster.

Commissioner Blanch has increased information sharing with, and co-location of other government departments to ensure vulnerable members of the community receive access to support services. Through this effort, he has transformed the State Operations Command Centre (SOCC) into a real-time, state-wide and multi-agency tactical intelligence capability that delivers enhanced officer safety and a quality response to crime in the community.

Commissioner Blanch has a passion for policing; solving crimes, finding missing people, keeping victims safe and positively engaging with our community every day.

Mr Blanch is the 29th Commissioner of the Western Australia Police Force and takes stewardship of a world class Police Force that works tirelessly to earn the trust of the community.