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The New National Automatic Mutual Recognition of Occupations Registration (AMR) Scheme

The AMR scheme commenced in Western Australia on 1 July 2022.

All firearms occupational licences issued under the Firearms Act 1973 are excluded from automatic mutual recognition.

This scheme has been introduced to enable eligible workers who need to be licensed or registered for their profession or trade, to work casually in other states or territories without applying for a local licence or permit, if they are already licensed to perform the same activities in their home state.

Some occupations are currently excluded from the AMR scheme due to significant risks to the health and safety of workers and/or the public. Firearms licences have been deemed to be of significant risk.

For firearms licensing queries please call Licensing Services on 1300 171 011

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Persons wishing to possess or use a firearm in Western Australia are governed by the Firearms Act 1973 and the Firearms Regulations 1974.