Firearms Amnesty

Western Australia has a permanent Firearms Amnesty which provides an opportunity for members of the public to surrender unlicensed firearms or firearm-related items. 

What does this mean?

  • Unlicensed or unwanted firearms may be surrendered to police for licensing or destruction without penalty and without fear of prosecution; and
  • The person surrendering the firearm may apply to re-acquire and license the firearm providing they meet the Genuine Reason and/or Genuine Need for the firearm; and the firearm is licensable in Western Australia.

How do I surrender a firearm?

  • Firearms can be surrendered at any police station across Western Australia;
  • Plan ahead. Make contact with your local police station to advise them that you wish to surrender a firearm. Do not attend without prior arrangement;
  • Ensure the firearm is unloaded, if you are unsure or do not know, explain that when you first arrive at the police station;
  • Do not point the firearm at any person; and
  • When conveying the firearm to the police station ensure that the firearm is in a carry bag, case, box or other covering. Do not convey the firearm uncovered.

Should you be unsure what you are required to do, or should you require additional advice please contact WA Police Force Licensing Services via the Contact Us form on Help Centre page.


Western Australia has a permanent Firearms Amnesty