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Prohibited Firearm Buyback Scheme 2023

15 February 2023

Members of the public seeking information relating to the recently announced Prohibited Firearm Buyback Scheme 2023 are advised to email their enquiry to

On Tuesday 14 February 2023, Acting Commissioner Kylie Whiteley joined Premier Mark McGowan, and the Minister for Police Paul Papalia, in announcing a reform of Western Australia’s 50-year-old- gun laws.

Firearms and ammunition designed to shoot over long ranges with extraordinary power and precision will be outlawed in WA from 1 July 2023.

Premier McGowan stated, "Our Government is committed to ensuring our community and our Police Officers have the best possible protection from gun violence. The Western Australian Police Force has informed me there is no practical need for these specific very high-powered firearms in WA. While they remain in our community, these weapons are vulnerable to falling into the wrong hands, and the consequences could be devastating."

Under the ban, 52 makes and models of firearms and 19 calibres of ammunition will become illegal in WA. That means a total of 234 licensed firearms, which are currently legal in WA, must be disposed of by the 1 July deadline. The WA Police Force commenced sending correspondence to the owners of these 234 licensed firearms, advising them they must be disposed of by the cut-off date.

The McGowan Government will fund a buyback of the specified firearms, at market value. The funds will be paid to a nominated bank account within eight weeks of the firearm's official surrender at the nearest police station.

Acting Commissioner Kylie Whiteley supported the comments of the Premier, adding "Some projectiles from these firearms are capable of penetrating the body armour worn by police officers, as well as most hard surfaces of police vehicles from up to two kilometres away. With specific types of rounds, a bullet from these firearms can also penetrate WA Police Force armoured vehicles. This is why we have requested the State Government ban this list of specific types of firearms and ammunition. Police will monitor the disposal of the identified firearms and, where required, any reports of lost or stolen firearms will be the subject of a full investigation."

Increased Penalties for Firearm Offences

16 November 2022

The Firearm Amendment Bill 2022 has resulted in changes to the Criminal Code in WA. These changes have brought about increased penalties for Stealing and Unlawful Possession offences related to firearms.

The changes to the Criminal Code are as follows;

  • Section 378 (5)(g) provides that if the thing stolen is a firearm as defined in the Firearms Act 1973, the offender is liable to imprisonment for 14 years.
  • Section 417A (4A) provides special circumstances where possessing stolen or unlawfully obtained property namely a thing that is defined in the Firearms Act 1973, the offender is liable to imprisonment for 10 years.

For further details choose Amendments to Recent Legislation in the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Help Centre page

National Automatic Mutual Recognition of Occupations Registration Scheme

04 July 2022

The New National Automatic Mutual Recognition of Occupations Registration (AMR) Scheme

The AMR scheme commenced in Western Australia on 1 July 2022.

All firearms occupational licences issued under the Firearms Act 1973 are excluded from automatic mutual recognition.

This scheme has been introduced to enable eligible workers who need to be licensed or registered for their profession or trade, to work casually in other states or territories without applying for a local licence or permit, if they are already licensed to perform the same activities in their home state.

Some occupations are currently excluded from the AMR scheme due to significant risks to the health and safety of workers and/or the public. Firearms licences have been deemed to be of significant risk.

For firearms licensing queries please call Licensing Services on 1300 171 011

Firearms Act 1973 Review

02 May 2022

The date to receive feedback has now been closed. Thank you to all that have provided valuable feedback relating to the Firearms Act 1973 review. The information will be analysed and taken into consideration during the legislation redraft.

Thank you to those who participated in providing feedback as we create future change together.


Gel Blasters

22 February 2022

The Minister for Police on the 14 June 2021 announced the prohibition on possession of Gel Blasters from 3 July 2021.

Welcome to Our New Website

08 November 2021

As a part of our commitment to continuous improvement, WA Police Force Licensing Services website has been restructured and renewed.

We have combined information from our previous sites into a single seamless and 'hopefully' easier to use format for both the experienced web user and beginners.

A part of this new site is this Blog, which we will use to update members of the public about various firearms licensing matters such as legislative changes that may be amended or pending, policy changes or amendment to current processes for licensing of firearms in Western Australia.

Please refer to Help Centre page for list of frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find the information you require, please utilise the Contact Us form on the Help Centre page.