Firearms Licence

What you need to know 

Persons wishing to possess or use a firearm must apply for a Firearm Licence to do so.

  • A licence may be issued to either an individual person or to an organisation.
  • Firearms are grouped into Categories depending on the specifications of the firearm.
  • The full listing of these firearm types can be found in Schedule 3 Firearm Regulations 1974:
    • Category A (low powered)
    • Category B (high powered)
    • Category C (specially defined rifles/shotguns)
    • Category D (restricted to Commonwealth or State Government)
    • Category E (paintball and other non-classified firearms)
    • Category H (handguns)
  • Some firearms are restricted or prohibited and can only be licensed under certain conditions.
    (See Section 26 Firearms Regulations 1974 and Schedule 3 Firearms Regulations 1974).
  • To license a Category A firearm, the applicant must show they have a Genuine Reason.
  • To license all other categories of firearms, in addition to providing a Genuine Reason to possess that firearm, the applicant must also show that they have a Genuine Need to possess that type of firearm and that a firearm of another (lesser) class is inadequate or unsuitable for their need.
  • The applicant must provide proof that supports their genuine reason/need to acquire a firearm.
  • Persons applying for their first ever firearm licence (called an original licence) are also required to complete a Firearms Awareness Test at an approved firearm dealer/association/club. Persons who live in remote WA can contact the local Multi-Function Police Facility (MFPF).
  • A 28 day cooling off period from the application lodgement date applies for all original applications
    (This is a legal requirement and a new licence cannot be issued prior to this time period lapsing).
  • Applicants must have secure storage for their firearm that complies with Schedule 4 Firearm Regulations 1974.
  • Applications are submitted online via the link below. Persons who live in remote WA can contact the local Multi-Function Police Facility (MFPF).
  • When an applicant has completed the application form they must print the application summary and lodge it in person at a participating WA Australia Post outlet with your supporting documents (Provide original copies for sighting by Australia Post staff). When attending the applicant will need to satisfy a 100 point proof of identification requirement. Applicants who live in remote WA can contact the local Multi-Function Police Facility (MFPF).
  • All firearms requiring licensing (or relicensing) must be accompanied with a Firearm Serviceability Certificate, which can be obtained from a firearm dealer.  
  • Any change of address or circumstance (such as change of storage address) must be reported to WA Police Force Licensing Services within 21 days of the change. This is a legal requirement and failure to do so may result in penalties (Regulation 9 Firearms Regulations 1974).
  • It is the responsibility of the firearm licence holder to ensure their licence is current. Failure to do so may result in the firearms being seized, an infringement being issued or the Firearms Licence being cancelled.


Firearm Licence

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