Any person who wishes to possess, transport or use a firearm that is not licensed in the state of Western Australia must obtain an appropriate permit prior to entering the state.

The following permits are available:

Temporary Permit (Section 17)

  • A fee may apply to a Temporary Permit - this will be determined at the application assessment stage. 
  • If an applicant intends to use the firearm a fee will be charged and a cheque or Money Order should be forwarded with an application and paid to the ‘Commissioner of Police’. Alternatively a credit card payment may be taken over the phone at the time of processing. The scheduled fee can be found in the Limited Permit Fee section below.
  • If an applicant is simply transporting a firearm(s) through the state or to a firearm dealer pending a future Western Australia Firearms Licence Application the scheduled fee will likely be waivered.

Interstate Group Permit (Section 17A)

  • The Interstate Group Permit does not usually incur a fee and is designed for use by visiting sporting shooter Clubs and Associations for a short period. 

Import Permit (B709)

  • Firearms, firearm parts, firearm accessories, replica firearms, ammunition and weapon items all require a B709 Import Permit in order to have these items cleared by Australian Border Force (ABF/Customs).

Firearm Permits

Please see Resources section below for relevant forms

Temporary Permit Fee