Alert - Gel Blasters: The Minister for Police, the Honorable Paul Papalia MLA has announced the prohibition of Gel Blasters. As of 03 July 2021, Gel Blasters are deemed a Prohibited Weapon within Schedule 1 of the Weapons Regulations 1999. This change means the possession of a Gel Blaster and its associated ammunition is prohibited within Western Australia..


Firearms and Weapons are governed under separate legislation.
Weapons are governed under the Weapons Act 1999 and the Weapons Regulations 1999. 
Weapons fall under two distinct categories:

  • Schedule 1 Prohibited Weapons 

means an article prescribed by regulations to be a prohibited weapon.


  • Schedule 2 Controlled Weapons

a) an article prescribed by regulations to be a controlled weapon; or

b) any other article, not being a firearm or a prohibited weapon, made or modified to be used:

  •  to injure or disable a person;
  •  to cause a person to fear that someone will be injured or disabled by that use; or
  •  for attack or defence in the practice of a martial sport, art or similar discipline.

Weapons List

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