Licence Applications

The following information applies to original licence applications for a Pawnbroker or Second-hand Dealers Licence. Read each section carefully as failure to comply with the requirements could delay the issue of your licence.

In order to apply for a licence under the Pawnbroker and Second-hand Dealer Act 1994, your application must contain the correct supporting documentation. You must supply photocopies of all documents and provide the originals when submitting your application. The following documents are required for all licence types:

  • Proof of Age and Identity
  • Three (3) passport-sized photographs 

    Licence application forms can be found in here and you must carefully complete all sections.
    Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
    Please view the security licence fees. 

    Licence Types:

  • Pawnbroker 
  • Second-hand Dealer
  • Combined
  • Applying for any Licence

    Applicants applying for any licence must provide the following:
  • Written evidence from the local government of the district within which premises (trading and storage) proposed to be licence are situated to the effect that all approvals, consents and exemptions required under any written law have been obtained in relation to the premises.
  • Written notice of your intent to apply for a licence. The notice is to be published in a newspaper that is circulated throughout the State.  The notice should appear in the classifieds. The application for a licence is to be lodged (within) 28 days of advertising your notice. 
  • Business documents
    • If sole trader or partnership
          - ASIC Record of Registration of a Business Name
    •  If business structure is a company
          - ASIC Record of Registration of a Business Name
          - ASIC Certificate of Incorporation
          - ASIC Company Extract
    • Trust documents if applicable
  • It is a requirement that the licence holder is to, in writing, provide the full name, current residential address and date of birth of any person who is, or proposed to be, employed at the business premises and will be entering into contracts at the premises, a Director or a Partner of the business. Furthermore, the licence holder will notify, in writing, the Licensing Officer on cessation of their employment. 


    Applicants within 50km of the Perth GPO are to apply in person at:
    Licensing Services Security
    303 Sevenoaks Street, CANNINGTON WA 6107

    Applicants more than 50km from the Perth GPO can submit at their local country police station.