Media and Corporate Communications

Media and Corporate Communications at the Western Australia Police Force is responsible for:

  • Media and issues management
  • Internal communication
  • Proactive communications, events and marketing projects
  • Overseeing the corporate image and branding including the use of the police insignia and the design and production of support materials
  • Operational support to investigations through media liaison, social media and multimedia production
  • Public relations expertise including event management and website management
  • Film and TV liaison

Media enquiries

The Media Unit manages public messaging during police related emergencies, and provides a liaison point for the media at emergency and crime scenes. Providing information directly to the public is also a key part of the duties and this is achieved through social media and the WA Police Force website.

In addition to the WA Police Force corporate Facebook page and corporate Twitter account WA Police Force has a Facebook page for each police district and a Twitter account for each police station.

To find out which district Facebook page or local Twitter account you should be following, please search for your suburb.

For all media enquiries email Police Media or phone 08 9222 1011 between the hours of 6.00am to 6.00pm.

Filming enquiries

The WA Police Force regularly receives requests for assistance in filming across a range of projects.

While each request is based on its merit, it is often not feasible or practical for WA Police Force to engage in these types of proposals as the first consideration must always be the benefit to be gained by WA Police Force compared to the time and involvement of public resources.

To enquire about or seek approval for WA Police Force to participate in filming email Police Media.

Approval to use the WA Police Force Logo

The Western Australia Police Force logo is one of the most recognisable symbols and represents the values and conducts that Western Australian community members have come to trust and depend upon.

To ensure community confidence in the WA Police Force remains strong, it is imperative the logo and affiliated branding is managed appropriately and not misused.

The WA Police Force logo may not be used without the written approval of the WA Police Force. All requests to use the WA Police Force logo are to be emailed to Corporate Communications Branch SMAIL.