Diving Operations


During the early 1950s, Theo Brown, a police officer with the Western Australia Police Force, who had training and experience as a diver, was utilised for body recovery and other diving tasks. He worked alone or with civilian volunteers at a dive site.

In 1958, another police officer, Bill Foster, approached the department to form a part-time squad of divers. This request was granted and seven police officers were selected and trained by the Underwater Explorers Club of Woodman's Point. Six weeks later, the squad was increased to 14 divers. 

One of the major tasks of the Squad in the 1960s, was the recovery of a rifle used by the multiple murderer Eric Edgar Cooke, off the then new Narrows Bridge. Divers located the firearm after three days of searching.

Current Operations

Today, the Dive Squad is an established part of the WA Water Police. The squad consists of eight officers who have the role of conducting underwater operations. These include:

  • Assisting with Search and rescue operations
  • Recovery of evidence relating to the commission of offences
  • Provide assistance to the Coroner in regard to diving related deaths