Business Services & Development Division

The role of Business Services & Development Division (BS&DD) includes managing all onsite facilities, coordinating graduations and events, distribution of all WA Police Force honours and awards, managing & coordinating the portfolios' finances and human resource deployment.

Curriculum Development & Coordination Unit

Curriculum Development & Coordination Unit (CDCU) is a new unit with the charter to create and facilitate a centralised consultancy for professional development within the WA Police Force.

Corporate Research Administration Unit

The Corporate Research Administration Unit (CRAU) provides a range of research resources including up to date books, journals and information on WA Police Force research projects. It also manages all applications to conduct research within the WA Police Force, from both internal staff and external researchers, including academics and university students.

Detective Training School

The Detective Training School (DTS) is responsible for the Professional Investigation Training and Development Program. These courses are provided to Recruits and current serving Police Officers ensuring that investigations are more professional, ethical and effective by enhancing the skills, knowledge and abilities of all those involved in the investigative process.

Driver Training Unit

Driver Training Unit (DTU) is responsible for delivering driver and rider training to Recruits and Operational Police Officers. Training is currently delivered utilising Holden Commodore sedans, Ford Falcon utilities and Honda motorcycles and several training venues are utilised in the Perth metropolitan area.

eLearning Unit

The eLearning Unit maintains the effectiveness and efficiency of the agencies Course and Learning Management Systems including training content design and consultancy. The eLearning Unit researches, develops and provides educational infrastructure and solutions for Educational and Agency training outcomes.

Foundation Training Unit

The Foundation Training Unit consists of several specialist teams of trainers who instruct classroom theory and practical application in the subjects of Legal, Procedural, Briefcase and Scenario Training. They provide training predominantly to recruits and transitional officers however also deliver training to serving officers in specialist areas and staff of external government agencies.

Operational Safety & Tactics Training Unit

The Operational Safety and Tactics Training Unit (OSTTU) is responsible for all Critical Use of Force Skills and Operational Safety training and maintains a world class training facility which includes lecture rooms, a fully computerised firing range, a dry fire practice training area, a Police Interactive Training area for realistic scenario training and empty hand soft fall training area for self defence training.

Physical Training Unit

The Physical Training Unit (PTU) is devoted to the delivery of health and fitness classes to recruits, transitional officers and in-service personnel attending courses at the Academy in conjunction with the delivery of personal protective techniques and police specific control techniques as part of the Police Empty Hand Tactics module.

Police Recruiting Branch

The Police Recruiting Branch manages the recruitment, screening and selection services for entry into the WA Police Force (WA Police) as a Police Officer, transitional or re-engaging officer, Police Auxiliary Officer (PAO) or Police Cadet. The Branch is responsible for the attraction of applicants through marketing and advertising, receiving and processing of applications, assessing applicants to the required standard, and notifying applicants of selection outcomes. 

Probationer & Cadet Development Unit

The Probationer & Cadet Development Unit (PDU) is committed to the professional development, management and deployment of Probationary Officers, Police Cadets and the WA Police Force Adult Trainees (CALD Trainees) throughout Western Australia.

Professional Development & Training Unit

The Professional Development & Training Unit (PDTU) is committed to building the capabilities and capacities of our people by providing a variety of learning and educational opportunities to all WA Police Force employees for personal and professional development.

Training Administration Unit

The Training Administration Unit (TAU) is responsible for overall supervision of recruits during the recruit training program and also administration matters in regard to transitional officers and cadets.

Transitional Training Team

The Transitional Training Team manages accelerated training courses for former officers of the WA Police Force, officers from other Australian jurisdictions and International police agencies.