Customer Service Charter

What You Can Expect From Us:

Timely Quality Response to Calls For Help


We will respond to your calls for help 24/7, wherever and whenever you need us. We are committed to responding quickly to unforeseen events and changing circumstances, and placing our people and resources where they are needed most in the community.

High Visibility Policing 

We will spend as much time as possible on the streets in your community, getting to understand your local issues. In so doing we will display a strong visual presence and be approachable to deter crime, enhance community security and respond to calls for help. 

Respectful Engagement

We will communicate and treat you with professionalism, sensitivity, dignity, and fairness. We are committed to achieving the best outcomes for you by cultivating respectful relationships with all members of our diverse community.

Victim Safety

We understand that this may be the most difficult time in your life, and we are committed to ensuring your immediate safety and security. We will work with our partners to ensure, where necessary, you are transitioned to service providers with the appropriate expertise.

Timely and Quality Investigations 

We will listen to you to understand the issue and keep you informed of the process and outcome. We will apply innovation to continuously improve our ability to achieve successful investigative outcomes. We will ensure the whole process is managed diligently, and we welcome your feedback in order to do better.

Accountable Prosecutions 

Once we have completed an investigation, you can rely on our ability to produce high quality and transparent evidence to hold perpetrators to account. We are committed to guiding you through and helping you understand the judicial process.


Reporting a Crime

You Can Report Specific Crimes By: 

• Making an anonymous online report

• Calling 000 - to report life-threatening or time critical issues

• Calling 131 444 - when Police attendance is required

• Calling 1800 123 400 - report information regarding possible terrorism activity

• Calling 1800 333 000 - Crime Stoppers to report criminal activity

• Calling TTY: 1800 301 130 or NRS: 1800 555 677 or visiting our People with Disability Page

• Messaging SMSAssist© for the deaf, hard of hearing/speech impaired

• If an interpreter is required, one will be made available

If You Have Been the Victim of an Incident or a Crime We Will:

• Explain how we will deal with your matter and maintain your privacy

• Give you an incident number and keep you informed throughout the investigation

• Minimise the risk of further trauma or secondary victimisation

• Provide you with any available support material

• Inform you of the outcome of any investigation undertaken

• Where necessary, refer you and others in need of help to relevant support services

• Offer you help to understand the court process


When you Report a Crime

You Can Help Us to Provide the Services You Need By:

• Providing us with accurate information

• Providing us with any CCTV footage

• Letting us know if the situation of your query or incident changes

• Contacting us if you have or need any further information

• Being open and honest in your dealings with us

• Treating our staff with courtesy and respect

• Letting us know when your contact details have changed

Some Questions We May Ask You:

• What is the address where the incident occurred?

• Are you the victim or the reporting person?

• A description of the individual(s) involved, such as gender, age, height, tattoos, clothing, etc.

• If there is a car involved, what is the registration and description, such as make, model, colour, etc.

• Do you have any video footage i.e. CCTV, mobile or dashcam?


Online Services

You can access information on our online services at Police Direct, which include: 

• Crime Stoppers - Report Crime and Suspicious Behaviour

• Crime - Property, Graffiti, Check My Crime

• Report Stolen or Damaged Property

• National Police Certificates

• Report My Lost Property

• Register a Party

• Policing Major Events

• Traffic Forms

• Infringement Payments and Enquiries

• Licensing Services - Firearms, Security, Pawnbrokers & Second-Hand Dealers

• Lodge Summons, Subpoena or Notice to Produce

• Alcohol and Drugs Intervention Extensions

• Apply for Information

• Commendations and Complaints


Feedback, Commendations and Complaints:

To provide feedback or if you have any general enquiries, please complete our feedback/other enquiries form

We also welcome you to please let us know how we are doing, and if we could be doing any better. You can do this through:

• Completing and lodging an online commendations or complaints form

• Calling the Police Assistance Centre on 131 444, or

• Contacting Police Conduct Investigation Unit, Locked Bag 6, Cloisters Square, WA 6850
   Tel: (08) 6372 6000