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Statutory Review of the Criminal Investigation Act 2006

An Issues Paper has been prepared following wide consultation within the WA Police Force, an examination of case law in Western Australia and an examination of legislation in other Australian jurisdictions.

Stakeholders and members of the general public are invited to make submissions on the Paper and on any other issues concerning the Criminal Investigation Act.

Find out more about the review of the Act.

Is Your House In Order? (April 2009)

Is Your House In Order?

A new WA Police Force report re-visits liquor licensing practices, anti-social behaviour and statistics relating to various incidents occurring in the Northbridge precinct.

The report focuses on concerns identified by members of the public in relation to safety and crime matters in the entertainment precinct and the resources utilised to police them.

Also brought to attention are permits allowing extended trading hours by venues and the impact this has had on the surrounding community.

Is Your House In Order? (April 2009) ( 640kb)

Australian Criminal Intelligence Model (ACIM) Strategy 2012-15


The Australian Criminal Intelligence Management Model (the Model) and associated Management Strategy 2012-15 defines criminal intelligence as insights and understanding obtained through analysis of available information and data on complex offending patterns, serious organised crime groups or syndicates and individuals involved in various type of criminal activities.

Australian Criminal Intelligence Model (ACIM) Strategy 2012-15 ( 2mb)( text version 38kb)