Statutory Review of the Criminal Investigation Act 2006

Section 157 of the Criminal Investigation Act 2006 provides for the Act to be reviewed “as soon as is practicable after the expiry of 5 years from its commencement”. Once a review is completed, the Minister is to prepare a report based on the review and lay that report before both houses of Parliament as soon as is practicable after the report is prepared.

In May 2015, Ms Carol Conley, Senior Assistant State Counsel at the State Solicitor's Office, was appointed to chair a Review Group and to submit a report and recommendations on the review of the operation and effectiveness of the Act and Regulations.

An Issues Paper has now been prepared following wide consultation within the Western Australia Police Force, an examination of case law in WA and an examination of legislation in other Australian jurisdictions.

The Review Group welcomes submissions from stakeholders and members of the general public on the issues raised in the Issues Paper and on any other issues concerning the CIA.

The closing date for submissions on the Issues Paper is 30 March 2017.

All submissions are to be emailed to