WA Police Force Honour Roll

WA Police Academy Memorial flame

In memory of our colleagues who have died in the performance of their duty to the community of Western Australia.

As at 11 June 2023, 88 WA Police Force officers have died in the line of duty.

Name Rank Date killed Place killed Cause of death
 WOODS, Anthony Constable 11 June 2023 Perth Murdered
CURSITER Michael Detective Senior Constable 6 Nov 2020 Perth Died after the pursuit of an offender
GREEN Dennis M 1st Class Constable 7 Dec 2017 West Toodyay Traffic accident
MURPHY Damien Constable 15 Feb 2007 Perth Traffic accident
PEARSON Jamie L Senior Constable 27 Nov 2004 Capel Traffic accident
CAPES Gavin A Constable 26 Jan 2001 Near Newman Plane crash
DEWAR David A 1st Class Constable 26 Jan 2001 Near Newman Plane crash
RULAND Philip G Senior Constable 26 Jan 2001 Near Newman Plane crash
EVERETT Donald R Senior Constable 26 Jan 2001 Near Newman Plane crash
JENKINS Michael R Detective Senior Constable 27 Oct 2000 Near Dandaragan Traffic accident
LOOHUYS Mark K Constable 18 Feb 2000 Glen Forrest Traffic accident
KLUMPER Cheryl A Constable 28 Aug 1998 Wanneroo Traffic accident
BALL Peter S Constable 7 Aug 1998 Cannington Traffic accident
KENNAUGH Jane Senior Constable 1 July 1996 Near Mandurah Traffic accident
GAUNT David E 1st Class Constable 17 Mar 1996 Perth Traffic accident
SCOTT Charles A Detective Senior Constable 13 Mar 1996 Near Albany Plane crash
KEPPLER Gary Constable 8 Nov 1995 Maylands Medical
DUCKHAM Nathan K Constable 13 July 1995 Joondalup Traffic accident
BOWEN Geoffrey L Detective Sergeant 2 Mar 1994 Adelaide, SA Murdered
KNIGHT Stephen R Constable 1 June 1993 Kalamunda Traffic accident
HUGHES Stephen Detective Sergeant 5 Dec 1990 Lake Clifton Unknown
DOUGLAS Arthur J Detective Senior Constable 22 Nov 1988 Perth Traffic accident
OSWALD James L Senior Constable 22 Nov 1988 Perth Traffic accident
PENSE William G 1st Class Constable 12 Oct 1979 Mt Barker Murdered
STANAWAY Malcolm D 1st Class Constable 1 Apr 1979 Geraldton Murdered
SMITH Ivan Detective Constable 16 Mar 1977 North Beach Unknown
BROWN Graeme E Constable 15 Feb 1977 Bunbury Traffic accident
TYRRELL Paul Constable 9 May 1974 Hamilton Hill Traffic accident
PRITCHARD Raymond J Constable 22 Mar 1973 Scarborough Traffic accident
O'SULLIVAN Terence D Constable 23 Jan 1971 Wembley Traffic accident
GODFREY Ashley B Constable 10 Jun 1970 Rossmoyne Traffic accident
HEARY Kenneth Constable 5 Dec 1969 Riverton Traffic accident
SULLIVAN Terence P Constable 30 Jun 1968 Victoria Park Traffic accident
CUSACK Colin T Constable 11 Feb 1968 Albany Murdered
WINTER George R Constable 7 Sep 1965 Menzies Traffic accident
BELL Robin I Constable 23 Dec 1964 Redcliffe Traffic accident
ILES Noel Constable 9 Feb 1963 Belmont Murdered
FLATT Kenneth T Constable 7 Mar 1961 Dalwallinu Traffic accident
BURNS Hamish B Constable 20 Dec 1957 Trigg Island Traffic accident
THOMAS Harry M Constable 22 Feb 1956 Meekatharra
MILLS Richard B Constable 12 Mar 1955 Nyabing Murdered
McMANUS Peter J Constable 2 Mar 1955 Northampton Murdered
GRAY Edmund H Constable 2 Nov 1954 Claremont Fell from horse
MORTON Frank A Constable 23 Oct 1954 Cunderdin Traffic accident
MORROW Edgar Sergeant 15 May 1953 Perth Traffic accident
TULLY Laurence H Constable 19 Jun 1952 Belmont Traffic accident
STEWART Donald A Constable 18 Aug 1951 Menzies Traffic accident
McDONALD Reuben J Constable 6 Feb 1949 Mullewa Traffic accident
BROOKS Jim Constable 29 May 1948 Palmyra Traffic accident
ROE Carl Detective Constable 21 Oct 1946 Claremont Murdered
BUZZA Laurence Constable 6 Jun 1940 Bunbury Shot
LEWIS Stanley L Inspector 1 Dec 1937 Mt Lawley Unknown
MARK Alexander Sergeant 9 Mar 1928 Perth Shot
READ Wilfred E Constable 3 Jan 1927 Wansbrough Gunshot
PITMAN Alexander H Detective Sergeant 28 Apr 1926 Kalgoorlie Murdered
WALSH John J Detective Inspector 28 Apr 1926 Kalgoorlie Murdered
McCLAY John Constable 1 Dec 1923 Near Derby Drowned
THOMAS Herbert Inspector 22 Dec 1920 Broome Sunstroke
FLETCHER Bertram H Constable 1 Apr 1912 Unknown Stabbed
BUTTLE Frank T Constable 20 Mar 1912 Port Hedland & Broome Lost at sea
Joe Aboriginal Assistant 13 Nov 1904
HAMLEY John Constable 14 Mar 1903 Port Sampson Drowned
WALLABY Aboriginal Assistant 20 Sep 1902 Sturt Creek Murdered
HUGHES Richard Constable 15 Jun 1901  Woodman Point Illness occasioned by duties
DONG Aboriginal Assistant 19 Apr 1900 East of Leopold Downs Speared
DICKEY Aboriginal Assistant 1 July 1899 East Kimberley Speared
McGREGOR Alexander M Constable 19 May 1898 Rottnest Wounded
WILLY Aboriginal Assistant 22 Jun 1896 East Kimberley Murdered
COLLINS Joseph Constable 11 Sep 1895
NICHOLSON John Constable 28 July 1895 Broomehill Fell from horse
10 Jun 1895 Perth
Fell from horse
ROCKET Aboriginal Assistant 21 Mar 1895 Wyndham Speared
31 Oct 1894 West Kimberley Murdered
20 July 1893
TROY Richard
16 Jun 1890
Halls Creek
Aboriginal Assistant
2 Apr 1890
O'CONNELL Joseph Constable 20 April 1887 Fremantle Shot
HACKETT Patrick J Constable 12 Sep 1884 Beverley Murdered
ARMSTRONG William A Constable 14 Jan 1875 Tingerup Swamp Murdered
MCKERNAN William Constable 14 Feb 1869 Toodyay
GRIFFIS William Constable 7 Feb 1868 Nickol Bay Speared
GEE Walter Constable 17 Sep 1865 North West Murdered
PANTER Frederick K Inspector 9 Nov 1864 La Grange Speared
GOLDWYER William Constable 9 Nov 1864 La Grange Speared
KNIBBS Thomas Constable 12 Feb 1855 Williams River Shot
DALTON John Constable 18 Aug 1846 Toodyay Drowning
 Aboriginal Assistant
ELLIS Theophalus T
 11 Nov 1834