Research application process

Expressions of Interest

As outlined in the Research Information and Guidelines (PDF 46KB) an Expression of Interest (EOI) for Research, by way of a one page summary of the project, must be completed and submitted to the Academic Research Administration Unit for consideration.

The EOI should detail the benefits of the proposed project to the WA Police and also include any important dates (such as proposed start dates or closing dates for research grant applications). The RARC will consider the EOI and notify the applicant of their recommendation.

Full application

If the EOI is supported, the applicant will be asked to submit an Application to Conduct Research.

Human Ethics Approval

All research conducted by university students or staff that involves human subjects is to be approved by the university's Human Ethics Committee. While WA Police does not have a formal Human Ethics Committee, all of its work is guided by the WA Police Code of Conduct and governed by the RARC. Researchers from other agencies may also be bound by their own agency's code of conduct and by the guidelines for ethics and integrity in the Public Sector Management Act 1994.

Approval process

On receipt of the Application to Conduct Research, the RARC will consider the application. Relevant stakeholders within WA Police will also be consulted on the feasibility and value of the proposed research. Applications should be received at least four weeks prior to the intended commencement date (longer in complex or contentious research requests).

Where human research ethics approval is required, the applicant will be requested to provide the RARC with a copy of their application as well as written approval from their university.

Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be informed in writing of the outcome of their application.

Approved research projects will be assigned an internal contact person for the duration of the project. The contact person will make any necessary access arrangements, monitor progress, and advise the RARC of any issues. The contact person will be available by appointment and should not be assumed to be openly available to the researcher/s on demand.

The RARC reserves the right to withdraw approval or vary conditions applying to an approved research project at any time. Applicants are advised to provide information on any contentious issues at any stage during the life of the project, so they may be resolved to the mutual satisfaction of all parties.

Submission of research report

The sharing of any findings from the research (including the publication of the research report) to a third party must be approved in writing by the WA Police RARC. WA Police requires a copy of all reports resulting from the research no less than 14 days prior to its public release. For more information about this refer to the WA Police Code of Conduct for Research. All research projects will be recorded on the WA Police Research Register. Researchers must note that the final copy of the research report may be made available internally to WA Police personnel through the WA Police intranet site.