WA Police rank insignias

All sworn police officers within the Western Australia Police have ranks. An officer's rank will be displayed on their epaulettes.

WA Police organisation structure (A3 PDF 184kb)

Commissioner of Police

The Commissioner of Police has the two Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioner Professional Standards report to him.

Deputy Commissioner of Police

The Deputy Commissioner Specialist Services has the Assistant Commissioner Judicial Services, Assistant Commissioner Professional Development, Assistant Commissioner Traffic and Emergency Response and the Director Media and Corporate Communications report to him.

The Deputy Commissioner Operations has the Assistant Commissioner Intelligence and Communications, Assistant Commissioner Regional WA, Assistant Commissioner Metropolitan and Assistant Commissioner State Crime report to him.

Assistant Commissioner of Police

Metropolitan, Regional WA, Traffic and Emergency Response, State Crime, Judicial Services, Professional Standards, Business Technology, Professional Development, Intelligence and Communications.


Metropolitan, Regional WA, Business Outcomes, Counter Terrorism and Emergency Response, Intelligence and Deployment, State Crime and State Traffic provide assistance to their relevant Assistant Commissioner, to ensure operational policing matters are undertaken with efficiency.


One in charge of each metropolitan and regional district. One in charge of each specialist division or portfolio, where a civilian director is not in charge.


Frequently in charge of major units, projects, major stations, or assisting a Superintendent in districts as Assistant District Officers.

Senior Sergeant

Typically the rank in charge of a unit or station.


Their primary function is of a supervisory nature and providing assistance and guidance to junior officers.

Senior Constable

Including remaining Aboriginal Police Liaison Officers their main role is to supervise and mentor junior officers.

First Class Constable

Their main role is similar to that of a senior constable and it is of a mentoring nature.

Constable and Cadet

Constable: Generally front line officers working closely with seasoned officers in a patrol and inquiry capacity.

Cadet: Cadets are not fully sworn and therefore do not have conferred upon them the full powers of constable, under the Police Act.