Message from the Hosts

Debbie Platz

Together with members of the Australasian Council of Women and Policing (ACWAP) and the Western Australia Police Force, it is my pleasure to invite you to attend the 20th ACWAP Excellence in Policing Awards and Development Seminar.

The Awards are an important part of the Australasian policing calendar and a key focus of the Committee’s work. Over the 20 years, the Awards have developed and improved in terms of their relevance and influence, providing a platform to recognise and reward those men and women contributing in improving policing and law enforcement. I look forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary of the Awards and taking the opportunity to reflect on the amazing work of past award recipients and their achievements.

This year the annual Professional Development Seminar will focus around the theme of ‘The Power of Many Equals’. The Seminar will reflect on the changing attitudes towards equality within the current social and working environment and the power and strength that we, as a collective group, have in initiating change. The Seminar will also focus on how we can better improve ourselves and further develop our skillsets to become influential leaders today and for the future.

This event is a unique opportunity for us all to develop and strengthen professional partnerships and relationships with law enforcement and government agencies, educational facilities, private sector and community groups from across Australasia.

I also want to sincerely acknowledge and thank this year’s sponsors for their support of the event and I look forward to personally welcoming you all in Perth.

Deb Platz
President, Australasian Council Women and Policing

Commissioner Chris Dawson

The Western Australia Police Force is honoured to co-host ‘The Power of Many Equals’ Professional Development Seminar and 20th Annual Excellence in Policing Awards in Perth this year.

The event theme, ‘The Power of Many Equals’, will focus on the unconscious bias movement, equity and diversity and leadership. Over the one and a half days, speakers presenting at the Professional Development Seminar will help delegates understand how as individuals we can have an impact on equality, and that the power of both men and women working together as equals can create significant cultural change for our organisations and community as a whole.

The ACWAP Excellence in Policing Awards are also a wonderful opportunity for the policing community to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of our officers and staff. Their dedication and commitment to their duty is truly inspiring and I am very proud to be co-hosting the 20th Anniversary of these Awards.

I look forward to welcoming you all in Perth and bringing the policing community together to have the opportunity to share, learn and innovate among other policing and law enforcement professionals.

Chris Dawson
Commissioner, Western Australia Police Force