Calling Police

Only call 000 in an emergency or a life-threatening situation, when urgent police assistance is needed

When do I call 000?

For example:

  • A serious crime is in progress, being witnessed or has just been committed;
  • Any situation where life or serious injury is threatened;
  • A car accident where people are trapped or seriously injured;
  • A serious air, rail or water incident;
  • Any incident which could have immediate danger to people or property; or
  • An explosion or bomb incident or threat.
When do I call 131 444?

Call 131 444 for police assistance or attendance and when it is not an emergency, for example:

  • To report a disturbance;
  • To report something which has happened in the past;
  • To report a property-related incident for insurance purposes; or
  • To make a complaint against police or another person.

Calls to 131 444 from most regional areas are automatically directed to the nearest police station.

How do I contact my local police station?

Use the local police station search to search for your local police station. Select your suburb or enter your post code.

Your local police station will then be displayed.