How to Report a Crime

How to report:

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For life-threatening or time critical


  • call 000
  • for the hearing/speech impaired call TTY 106

Only use the 000/106 emergency service when an immediate response is required, to contact police while a crime is happening or if someone is in immediate danger.

Before you call 000 or (TTY) 106, decide which emergency service you need:

  • Police;
  • St John Ambulance; or
  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

More information:

For non-emergency situations (police assistance):

  • call police on 131 444
  • for the hearing/speech impaired call TTY 106

You may be required to attend your local police station, however, in many cases the operator will be able to provide information to you about police matters or take an incident report from you on the telephone, and issue you with an incident report number.

SMS Assist

SMSAssist© is a text messaging service for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired, which can be used for contacting the WA Police Force and requesting assistance.

It should not be relied upon in extreme emergencies andthe service only applies to Western Australia.

Crime Stoppers

Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or make an online report to provide information about any criminal activity and in some cases a reward may be issued. You can remain anonymous.

Crime Stoppers is staffed between 7am and 11pm weekdays and 8am to 8pm on weekends, but online reports can be made at any time.

How to report specific crimes

Report acts of terrorism

If you see or hear anything that you believe to be a terrorist-related activity, telephone the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400.

More information:

Report burglary

Call police on 131 444 if your home or business has been burgled.

It is really important that you don't touch anything. This will protect any evidence that may exist. For example, where a door may be broken or a window smashed. If there is evidence (such as footprints or a weapon) outside and there is a threat of rain, cover it up with a box or tarpaulin.

If you have witnessed, or are witnessing, a burglary or break-in take place (the offender is still on the premises), you should call police on 131 444 immediately.

Questions you may be asked:

  • A description of the individual(s), such as gender, age, height, tattoos, clothing, etc.
  • If there is a car involved, what is the registration and description, such as make, model, colour, etc.

Report sexual assault

Call police on 131 444 to report an incident of sexual assault.

Click to report online (anonymously if you wish) through Safe2Say or scan the QR code below to be taken to the Safe2Say portal:

Scan the QR code to open the Safe2Say portal

If you have been sexually assaulted it is important not to wash, eat or drink as this will hinder the police and medical specialists in collecting forensic evidence.

It is also important not to wash your clothes (or bedding, if this is where the assault took place) as more evidence can be gathered from these.

Questions you may be asked:

  • What is the address where the incident occurred?
  • Are you the victim or is another person?
  • Do you (or does the victim) need an ambulance?
  • Do you know the offender?
  • Can you describe the offender? (gender, ethnic appearance, age, height, build, complexion, hair style and colour, facial hair, tattoos, clothing, etc)
  • Do they have a vehicle? Can you describe the vehicle (registration number, make, model, colour)?

More information:

Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC)
SARC Crisis Line: (08) 6458 1828
or FreeCall 1800 199 888

Report stealing

Call police on 131 444 if you have witnessed, or you are the victim of, a stealing offence.

The operator will take an incident report, issue you with an incident report number and if necessary, arrange for police to attend.

Questions you may be asked:

  • What exactly has been stolen and what is the value of it?
  • What is the address where the incident has taken place?
  • What is the registration number of the vehicle? (if the property stolen is a vehicle)
  • Were any weapons involved? Describe the weapon/s (if the incident is related to stealing with violence).