Vehicle Theft

How to report vehicle theft

To report a stolen vehicle call police on 131 444 or contact your local police station.

How to report a suspected criminal network

If you have information relating to an organised criminal group who you suspect may be involved in 'rebirthing' of stolen motor vehicles then please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Rebirthing involves the acquiring of a legitimate Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), usually from an accident damaged vehicle, and applying that VIN to a stolen vehicle of the same age, make and model. The stolen vehicle is subsequently re-registered and sold to an unsuspecting buyer.

Are you purchasing a vehicle?

The following checklist is not exhaustive and is mainly a common sense approach. If you suspect the vehicle may be stolen then contact your local police or Crime Stoppers.

Ensure you have not provided the seller of a suspect vehicle with your personal details.

Checklist for purchasing a private registered vehicle:

  • Ensure the person selling the vehicle is the registered owner (if not, why not). 
  • Does the seller have both sets of keys? 
  • Does the seller have the original log books and history of servicing? 
  • Check all identification plates, engine and chassis numbers for tampering. 
  • Conduct a Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS) check on the Department of Commerce REVS website

Purchasing an unregistered vehicle

If you are purchasing an unregistered vehicle it is advisable to ascertain if the vehicle is listed as stolen or has previously been entered on the Written Off Vehicle Register.

For all enquiries about written-off vehicles call the Department of Transport on 13 11 56.

Also, see the Department of Transport website for more information about written-off vehicles.

Vehicle ownership (buyer beware!)

Section 21(1) and 24(1) of the Sale of Goods Act 1895 basically says that if a person did not have lawful authority to sell a vehicle, then title remains with the original owner irrespective of how many times the property has been sold.

CARSAFE website

General information about vehicle theft and its impact on the community, education, trends, statistics or other related matters is available on the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council's CARSAFE website.

Regional Investigations Unit

Regional Investigations Unit operates under the control of the Superintendent, State Operations Division.

Regional Investigations Unit investigates serious and organised motor vehicle theft and the unlawful activities of established criminal networks involved in serious motor vehicle theft.

The Regional Investigations Unit also:

  • Investigates the sophisticated re-identification of stolen vehicles.
  • Provides a central liaison point for the agency in relation to stolen vehicle rebirthing.
  • Provides a central liaison point for external partner agencies and motor vehicle industry associations.
  • Supports the Department of Transport in relation to the Written-Off Vehicle Register.