Victims of Crime General Information

The Western Australia Police Force understands that the physical and emotional impacts of crime, including violence, can be devastating.

Victims of Crime Act 1994 defines victims of crime as:

  • people who suffer injury or loss as a direct result of an offence and/or
  • any member of the immediate family where the offence results in death.

The WA Police Force strongly encourages you to report crimes where you have been a victim. Police officers will treat you with empathy, respect and fairness and will investigate criminal matters on your behalf.

Victims of crime, and their families, may need specialised help and support after their physical wounds have healed or their property has been replaced or repaired and it is important to know that help is available.

Some useful information can be found in the following sections:

Your Voice: Overview

Your Voice: Victim Impact Statement

Your Voice: Children and Adolescent Witnesses