How do I apply for compensation if my vehicle has been disposed of and I was found not guilty?

Vehicles Traffic Impoundments

The State is liable to pay compensation to the former owner of an uncollected vehicle, or an item, if the vehicle or item is sold or otherwise disposed of under section 80J and —

  • No charge of committing the offence for which the vehicle was impounded is laid during the period of one year after the day on which the offence is suspected to have been committed; or
  • During the period described in paragraph (a), a person is charged with committing the offence but the person is acquitted of that offence, or the charge is withdrawn or dismissed.

Written applications for compensation (link to application for compensation for certain vehicles or items disposed of under section 80J form) may be submitted to the Supervisor of the Vehicle Impound Unit (VIU).

Email to , emails and scans to be titled with claimants name and the VI number.

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