What are reasons a Time Payment Plan would not be approved?

Vehicles Traffic Impoundments Payments

  • Any previous approved Payment Plans not paid in full must be finalised before a new application will be approved.
  • Any outstanding fines owed to the WA Government will exclude you from being approved.
  • If the owner has entered in to a payment plan arraignment for any outstanding fines they will be considered paid.
  • If the owner has been approved for the Early Release of an impounded vehicle, the towage and storage costs must be paid in full.
  • Should the applicant attend the storage yard to collect the vehicle but is unable to pay the approved deposit, the storage yard will refuse to release the vehicle. The applicant will need to re-apply as the original application will be cancelled.

Once the application has been approved

  • The “Authorisation for Impounded Vehicle Release” form is sent to the storage yard.
  • The owner is to book an appointment with the storage yard and arrange for the collection of the vehicle.
  • The deposit is to be paid at the storage yard upon collection of the impounded vehicle.
  • The owner must review the collection details, if they approve of the minimum deposit and the balance due they must sign and date the form.
  • The owner to present the 100 point identification and the vehicle will be released. If you have considered the information above and have formed the opinion that you are eligible to make an application for a Time Payment Plan you should complete the form provided.

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