What if I previously owned a vehicle and sold it or was not driving it at the time of the offence?

Infringements Traffic

If you were not the driver at the time of the offence, or the vehicle was sold prior to the offence, you have 28 days from the issue date of the Infringement Notice to provide the details of the driver or person in charge. You should complete the statement (Part F) on the Infringement Notice with the full correct details (name, date of birth and current address) of the driver or person in charge at the time of the offence and mail it to:

Infringement Management and Operations
Locked Bag 40
Perth Business Centre WA 6849

When returning this information you must also return the original Infringement Notice. WA Police will then issue a new infringement to that person who is subject to the same requirement as outlined above.

If the nomination is not received at Infringement Management and Operations within the 28 days, you will be presumed to be the driver and liable to pay the fine and incur the demerit points.

If you have received a Final Demand Notice and you were not the driver, do not pay the fine, complete the statement (Part F) and return the notice with the full details of the driver or person in charge as above. A new Infringement Notice may be issued to the nominated driver or person in charge. If the infringement is paid in error and a fraud has not been committed in relation to the payment, the person named on the notice has no recourse for the matter to be overturned.

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