What is a surrender notice?

Vehicles Traffic Impoundments

If a police officer reasonably suspects that that the driver of a vehicle has committed an impounding offence and it was impracticable due to the remote location or strong concerns for the welfare of the occupants, or was otherwise unable to be impounded on the day of offence they may issue a Surrender Notice.

A Surrender Notice must only be issued where the vehicle cannot be impounded immediately. For example: As a result of an investigation; required to attend an urgent priority task or emergency incident; duty of care to occupants; towage or storage unavailable; vehicle located on private property.

The notice may be given to the responsible person in person or by registered post.

The surrender notice must be issued before the expiry of a period of 28 days from the day of the offence.

A responsible person for a vehicle who has been given a surrender notice relating the vehicle commits an offence and is liable to a fine of 50 PU ($2500) if, when the vehicle has not been impounded by operation of subsection (1) or (2) as a consequence of the notice, the person disposes of an interest (sell/dispose of the vehicle) that the person has in the vehicle.

Surrender Notices apply to hoon and unauthorised driving offences

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