What security features are included in a National Police Certificate?

National Police Certificate

The online National Police Certificate can be viewed on the My Post Digital Mailbox or printed. The printed certificate does not contain the security features that the physical certificate does. The printed electronic certificate will have a barcode (or QR code) which can be verified by scanning it using the Australia Post app.

It is advised that employers/licensing bodies verify the printed electronic certificate as per the instructions on the application form.

The physical National Police Certificate contains a number of inbuilt security features:

  • A watermark consisting of multiple images of a padlock with two keys which is visible when held up to the light;
  • Fluorescent tricolour threads on both sides of the document glow blue, yellow and red when held under ultra violet light;
  • A border to the right of the police logos on the front of the document is printed in MICROTYPE which can be read when viewed under magnification;
  • Images on the front are printed in heat sensitive ink and, when moderate heat or friction is applied, they will fade or disappear momentarily; and
  • Images printed in fluorescent ink and will glow yellow when viewed under ultra violet light.

It is advised that employers/licensing bodies always ask to see the original certificate.

If you have suspicion that a document may have been altered or any of these security features is not present please contact us immediately.

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