Criminal damage arrest

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Cannington Detectives have arrested a man after he allegedly destroyed a WA Police Jenoptik speed detection camera in Mosman Park last night, Wednesday 18 November 2020.

The camera was set up on Stirling Highway near Boundary Road when about 7.40pm it is alleged a Ford Focus hatchback travelled past the camera at speed, triggering the camera to flash as it took a photograph.

It is alleged the man drove his vehicle back to where the camera was located and picked it up and smashed it into a tree several times.  The camera broke sending components and debris onto the road surface.

 The camera’s lenses and finely calibrated speed measuring apparatus were destroyed rendering the camera inoperable.  The damage to the camera is estimated at approximately $70,000.

Cannington Detectives apprehended the man about 10.45pm last night at his Mosman Park home.  

He has been charged with Criminal Damage or Destruction of Property and is due to appear before the Fremantle Magistrates Court on 7 December 2020.