Aboriginal Communities


Police with childrenPolice with children in Wyndham.

WA Police Force acknowledges it is the fundamental right of all Australians to live in a safe and secure environment. Upholding this right is a core function. It is acknowledged that historically there have been areas of inequity in services provided to Aboriginal people.

It will work to improve the provision of equitable and accessible policing services to Aboriginal people.

The WA Police Force takes responsibility for its part in engaging with Aboriginal people in the delivery of services, and will work in partnership with Aboriginal people to develop strategies that increase safety and security for all West Australians. The WA Police Force will commit to collaborative efforts with Aboriginal people,other agencies and service providers to support the development of safe, strong, and sustainable communities.

The WA Police Force acknowledges that great diversity exists amongst Aboriginal people and communities, and recognises individual and local needs. We will respect the traditional owners and custodians of the land that we work on.

NAIDOC 2018 - The Commissioner's Apology

On 12 July 2018, Former Commissioner Chris Dawson issued an apology on behalf of the Western Australia Police Force to Aboriginal people. The apology came as the WA Police Force marked NAIDOC Week with a flag raising ceremony at Police Headquarters.

Read the full speech here.

VIdeo NAIDOC event PHQ July 18, 2019.

Reconciliation Action Plan

WA Police Force have joined with Reconciliation Australia to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan as a significant milestone to advance reconciliation with the Aboriginal community.

This is WA Police Force's first RAP and it is a reflect plan. It will provide a framework to advance reconciliation within the spheres of WA Police Force’s influence and sets the foundation for future RAP’s and reconciliation initiatives.

Our vision is to move forward to a united future with Aboriginal people and work towards ensuring equality, justice and well being. Download the WA Police Force Reconciliation Action Plan. Read more here.

Barry McGuire - Aboriginal artwork

Prominent Aboriginal Artist Barry McGuire created WOORN DA BA DOORKOORNINYARRA “Creating Protection for Communities” which symbolises the coming together of WA Police and the Aboriginal Community developing pathways for a united future.

Mr McGuire’s artwork was officially presented to WA Police Force on 28 May, 2019.

Aboriginal Affairs Division

The Aboriginal Affairs Division (AAD) will take an agency lead in fostering and nurturing better relations with Aboriginal people.

Strengthening partnerships with Aboriginal people and communities will significantly enhance our capability to respond to Aboriginal people with care and humanity in every instance.

As an agency we must better understand Aboriginal culture and traditions to acknowledge and enhance our respect for their custodianship of our great State.

Developing this respect and embedding into our organisational culture and service delivery, will fortify relationships that lead to better partnerships and outcomes for Aboriginal people.

An integral part of that vision is an integrated programme of growth and cultural security.

Aboriginal police employees

The WA Police Force is committed to increasing Aboriginal employment in the department to better reflect the community it serves.

The agency seeks to attract, appoint and advance Aboriginal employees via a number of pathways such as the Police Preparation Program. Visit our recruiting site Let's Join Forces.

Aboriginal Police Medal

Aboriginal Police Medal


The Aboriginal Service Medal is awarded in acknowledgement of our Aboriginal employees in recognition of their service and commitment to our agency and community.

Historical records show that Aboriginal people have worked with police in WA since the early nineteenth century in significant roles such as Aboriginal Police Liaison Officers and Aboriginal Assistants. This award is an important step in reconciliation between Aboriginal people and Police.

The inaugural Aboriginal Service Medal Award Ceremony took place on Thursday 30 May 2019 at Government House.