Community Diversity and Substantive Equality

Western Australia Police Force's Commitment to Diversity

The WA Police Force recognise community and cultural diversity as an enriching and fundamental feature of our society and is committed to providing effective policing services that are accessible, culturally appropriate, and equally responsive to all communities of Western Australia.

The WA Police Force strive to ensure:

  • The policing needs of Aboriginal people, multicultural communities, diverse and social minority groups are addressed;
  • The service it provides is accessible and achieves equitable service delivery outcomes to all members of the community; and
  • The implementation of a service delivery model based on current policy that identifies, addresses, and discourages any expression of racist behaviour and/or discrimination by any of its members.

The WA Police Force rely on community confidence to do their work. Developing trust and confidence is a key priority for the WA Police Force. In delivering our services, we will endeavour to build the trust of those seeking assistance; trust in the quality of the service, in being treated well, and having issues taken seriously.

Multicultural Action Plan 2023-2025 and Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2023-2025

View the Multicultural Action Plan 2023–2025 (MAP).

View the WA Police Force Access and Inclusion Plan 2023–2025.