Aboriginal Communities

Aboriginal and Community Diversity Unit

WA Police and Aboriginal and Community Diversity Unit coordinates information, programs, and advice on Aboriginal, multicultural and community diversity issues impacting on WA Police. Our role includes:

  • Facilitating communication and engagement between police and Aboriginal, multicultural and diverse people and communities;
  • Identifying and responding to the police service delivery needs of Aboriginal multicultural and diverse people;
  • Contributing to developing police knowledge, practices, and services of the WA Police to ensure Aboriginal multicultural and diverse people are not disadvantaged in accessing police services or discriminated against in any way;
  • Support frontline police with specialist support in understanding the diverse social and cultural needs of Aboriginal multicultural and diverse communities and the application of the WA Government Substantive Equality Framework;
  • Assisting and identifying social impacts and tensions that may arise from crimes impacting these communities;
  • Supporting frontline police and communities to develop long term strategies to mitigate complex community issues that impact crime;
  • Manages Western Australia Police Language Services Policy and maintains a register of police personnel who speak another languages.

The main aims of the Unit is to support the police in:

  • Keeping the community safe
  • Protecting persons and communities that may be victims of crime
  • Preventing re-victimisation and
  • Holding perpetrators to account

Aboriginal Communities

WA Police acknowledges it is the fundamental right of all Australians to live in a safe and secure environment. Upholding this right is a core function of the WA Police. It is acknowledged that historically there have been areas of inequity in services provided to Aboriginal people.

WA Police will work to improve the provision of equitable and accessible policing services to Aboriginal people.

The WA Police takes responsibility for its part in engaging with Aboriginal people in the delivery of services, and will work in partnership with Aboriginal people to develop strategies that increase safety and security for all West Australians. The WA Police will commit to collaborative efforts with other agencies and service providers to support the development of safe, strong, and sustainable communities.

The WA Police acknowledges that great diversity exists amongst Aboriginal people and communities, and recognizes individual and local needs. We will respect local cultural traditions where the practice of those traditions is within the law and does not put the safety of individuals at risk.

Aboriginal Unit WA Police Headquarters
Level 3, 2 Adelaide Terrace, Perth 6004
Tel: (08) 9222 1576