Multicultural Communities

The WA Police Force adheres to the WA Government Charter of Multiculturalism (PDF, 134kb) which is committed to the principles of multiculturalism and based on democracy, equality, and respect for all members of the WA community.

The WA Police Force Aboriginal and Community Diversity Unit supports policies and practices which clearly recognize the importance of policing for good community relations and promote the integration of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) and religious communities at national and local levels.

The Western Australian Languages Services Policy aims to ensure equitable access to all State Government services for people who need assistance with communicating in English.

Multicultural Action Plan

The WA Police Force recently developed it’s second Multicultural Action Plan 2023–2025 (MAP), a two-year action plan aligned with the strategic objectives of the Western Australia Multicultural Policy Framework and public sector diversity and inclusion plans.

The MAP outlines strategies to ensure that WA Police Force operations, services and programs are inclusive and accessible to people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds, including our employees.

International Students

The WA Police Force works with the Government of Western Australia and Education service providers in developing initiatives for international students to minimise the extra risks students may face whilst studying in Western Australia. 

The WA Police Force works to ensure that international students receive the full support of law enforcement agencies and the justice system if they become victims of crime.

Australia by international standards is a safe country with low levels of crime, violent and non-violent crimes do occur. International students may be at risk from criminal behaviour, as are all people living in Australia or anywhere in the world. Students may be at greater risk than most Australians if they are unfamiliar with local danger spots and ways to minimise the risk of being assaulted; if they have to travel alone late at night because of work and study commitments and if they need to travel through high-risk areas. For information about protecting yourself, view our safety publications.

The WA Police Force encourages international students to contact police if they have been a victim of crime or want to better understand aspects of local laws.

International students are encouraged to call the Western Australia Aboriginal and Multicultural Unit (AMU) if they feel they have matters they may be anxious about contacting police. AMU staff will be able to assist to in directing people needing assistance to the right area of the Police responsible for dealing with the issues they may have.

Help For Victims Of Racially Motivated Crime

In Western Australia Chapter XI of the Criminal Code makes any person who engages in any conduct, other that in private that promotes or increases animosity towards or harassment of a racial group or person as being guilty of a crime.

Racial hatred means hatred against any group of persons defined by reference to race, colour, ethnic or national origins. Conduct may include:

  • Threats, harassment, abuse and ridicule;
  • Possession of material, written or pictorial that is published or displayed

Racial hatred may further compounded by a ‘circumstances of racial aggravation’ whereby in a circumstance where immediately, before or during or immediately after hostility towards the victim is based upon the victim being a member of a racial group.

The WA Police Force State Security Investigation Group has responsibility for responding to racially motivated unlawful behaviour within the community or providing specialist support to the police districts when they respond to racially motivated unlawful behaviour.

The group comprises investigators with an understanding of community diversity issues and work to provide improved policing services to indigenous and multicultural groups. They have been working closely with the Equal Opportunities Commission and the WA Police Force Aboriginal and Community Diversity Unit.

Reporting Racially Motivated Crime

If you feel you are the victim of racially motivated unlawful behaviour or need help, call police on 131 444 (24 hours). It is important in reporting the incident that you explain fully to the investigating officers of your concern and reasons why you believe it to be a racially motivated crime.

Types of racially motivated crimes can be:

  • Physical violence or assault
  • Damage to property or car/arson/stealing
  • Graffiti
  • Obscene phone calls
  • Verbal abuse
  • Dumping of rubbish/objects being thrown at person or property
  • Racist literature or hate mail
  • Postings/publishing on internet of offensive material/abuse

The Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC)

The EOC is authorised by the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 to accept complaints relating to racial discrimination and racial harassment including complaints involving the race of a relative or associate. The EOC conducts investigations, research and inquiries and endeavours to resolve them by conciliation.

Where a complaint alleging racial harassment that does not meet the elements for an offence in Chapter XI of the Criminal Code, the victim may lodge a written complaint to the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity. Complainants are free to lodge concurrent complaints with the WA Police Force and the EOC.

Where to get help

Anyone with concerns can contact the Aboriginal and Community Diversity Unit (details below) if you do not wish to make a formal complaint but just feel like talking through an issue. All contact is dealt with discreetly. The Aboriginal and Community Diversity Unit can assist people and will direct enquires to the most appropriate police unit relevant to any complaint or enquiry.

Staff of the WA Aboriginal and Community Diversity Unit understands many people may be afraid and anxious to report crimes where they feel it may be been racially motivated. People who feel that way are encouraged to call the Unit for advice and assistance.

Multicultural Unit WA Police Force Headquarters
Level 3, 2 Adelaide Terrace, Perth 6004
Tel: (08) 9222 1063