Crime Prevention and Community Liaison

The Crime Prevention and Community Liaison Unit (CPCLU) supports frontline police by managing crime-prevention initiatives and community-safety activities. The unit works with partnerships to identify, coordinate and strengthen crime-prevention strategies through public awareness campaigns, policy action and community consultation to implement sustainable community crime-prevention solutions.

Our Role

CPCLU provides a community consultative and coordinating service to frontline policing services.

Our priority focus areas include:

  • Alcohol and drug related crime
  • Volume crime
  • Family and domestic violence
  • Disorderly/Antisocial behaviour
  • Unlawful behaviour committed for political or religious reasons
  • Increasing the scope and effectiveness of partnerships
  • Emerging crime as identified in communities

Community Safety and Crime Prevention (CSCP) Partnerships

CPCLU manages a range of crime-prevention partnerships including:

  • Liaison with Local Governments to develop or maintain existing Crime Prevention Community Safety Plans
  • Cocooning
  • Armed Robbery Prevention
  • Midnight Basketball
  • Motor vehicle theft & theft from motor vehicle reduction
  • Pharmacy Protection
  • Property marking
  • Youth diversion programs
  • Cyber bullying information/prevention
  • Bag snatch reduction
  • Designing Out Crime

We provide online access to a number of our publications and resources.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a long-standing community based program aimed at encouraging neighbours to work together to reduce crime and make their communities safer. Neighbourhood Watch partners with local governments and the wider community to create networks, educate the public on home-safety and provide a platform for WAPOL to link with local communities. For more information email Neighbourhood Watch, call 9222 1513 or visit

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