Police Community Services Funding

The WA Police Force have implemented an Agency Commissioning Strategy, which incorporates the principles of the State Commissioning Strategy.

The Western Australia Police Force have reviewed and realigned all funding arrangements for community services administered and managed by the WA Police Force in line with the Agency Commissioning Strategy.

The Police Community Funding Framework has reshaped the way the WA Police Force does business with all community service providers and aligns with WA's Implementation Plan for Closing the Gap and with the Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy. These strategies set the WA Government’s high-level strategic approach for working with Aboriginal people towards empowerment and better outcomes across the State and will ensure the outcomes of the services and programs support targets in the National ‘Closing the Gap’ Agreement.

Our focus in on providing better services to Western Australians that:

  • meet the needs of the people that use them, at the right time and in the right place;
  • are sustainable and delivered by organisations that have the right staff and systems in place;
  • are based on evidence of what works and robust quality standards; and
  • are culturally safe and tailored to local community needs.

As part of this work the WA Police Force are seeking Registrations of Interest directly from service providers who are can provide programs and/or initiatives within their local community.