Armed Robbery Prevention

The armed robbery prevention training package has been developed to help protect businesses and employees from becoming victims of armed robbery. It has been developed in conjunction with business and industry and the WA Police Force.

What does the training package cover?

  • Types of business operations vulnerable to armed robbery
  • Offender apprehension and minimising danger
  • What happens after an armed robbery
  • Preventing armed robbery
  • Question time with police

Who should receive training?

Training in armed robbery prevention is an important consideration for any manager as almost all businesses have the potential to become victim of armed robbery.

There are some businesses that tend to be more frequently targeted,including financial institutions, service stations, fast food outlets, pharmacies, liquor stores, delicatessens, newsagencies, video stores, restaurants and cash transit companies.

Training can be done in-house by using the training DVD provided in the Armed Robbery Prevention Training Package or, a local police officer is available to deliver the training to a group of 15 or more staff.

Why should businesses participate in training?

The training package has been designed to help protect your business and employees from becoming victims of armed robbery. It also looks at what to do if your business is held up and provides your staff with knowledge on what the safest course of action is. It is your responsibility as an employer to ensure staff members are equipped with the skills not only to perform their daily duties but to deal with any situation, including threats to the business.

The armed robbery prevention training package and police-led training sessions are available at no cost to the organisation. It is our aim to decrease the incidence of armed robbery within the community by working with local business to reduce risk, protect staff and increase awareness.

To request a training session or for information, please email us.