Charles's Story

"I was walking up my driveway when I saw my side gate was open. When I got inside my house I saw it had been trashed, the back door was smashed and my iPod was missing.

Charles full

That's when I noticed the cheeky so-and-so had helped himself to a drink – stealing must be thirsty work. I called 131 444 and police told me not to touch anything. I know from all the TV shows that they can catch the crook using DNA and stuff like that.

I nearly didn't call the police because I thought that I wouldn't ever see my stuff again and I didn't want to bother them.

When the police arrived they dusted for fingerprints. The forensic guy swabbed the garage door and managed to get some fingerprints from other parts of the house. 

I felt like I was someone out of CSI but it took a bit longer than an hour episode.

A few weeks later the police called and told me they had found a match with the fingerprints taken from the house and had arrested the person. Luckily, I got all my stuff back.

The cool thing is I'd been a part of it. I hadn't touched anything. I reported what had happened straight away and that helped the police to do their job. I hope other people know to do the same thing so they can help to get their stuff back too."