Dan's Story

"Our flat was a bit random. There was always someone coming or going, as we all have different work and study times."

Dan full

So it wasn't unusual for a window to be left open or a door left accidently unlocked. The place gets too hot if it's closed up anyway. I never really thought about it when I went out because we lived in a 'good' area where crime isn't really a problem.

I also didn't think I actually owned anything that was worth stealing – that was until I came home to find my guitar and TV gone. Man did that change my attitude. 

I was gutted and couldn't believe it had actually happened to me.

The guy from across the road came over when the police arrived and told us he'd seen a suspicious-looking guy hanging around the past couple of weeks. He'd obviously been casing the place, but we hadn't noticed anything.

Having a good description of the guy made a huge difference to the chances of him being caught. Then again a few simple security measures probably would have stopped it from happening in the first place.

I keep my eyes open now, and I make the effort to say hello to my neighbours. I even think twice when I open the doors and windows when I'm actually at home. I certainly don't want to lose my new guitar too!"