Kate's Story

"I never realised just how inconvenient being burgled would be. I guess your first concern is the safety aspect. And don't get me wrong - I'm so glad the kids and I weren't harmed. But I underestimated how else it would affect our lives."

Kate full

We were burgled on a school night. The police think they got in through the back door. Maybe we left it unlocked. We were on our way out the door the next morning when I couldn't find my handbag. I looked everywhere but it wasn't until one of the kids noticed the car was missing from the driveway that I realised we had been burgled. 

Problem was, they didn't just take my car, they took my freedom.

And of course the car seat disappeared with the car, so even if I had borrowed a car I could not have taken my little one anywhere without that.

I missed my presentation at work, and spent hours on the phone to the insurance company. Not to mention the hassle and the expense of changing the locks and replacing the contents of my wallet.

It was all just such a time consuming process when all I had to do was double check the back door was locked!"