The dangers of being online are well known but how to best reduce the risk to yourself and your students isn't. The WA Police Force and the AFP have joined forces to deliver information sessions to students and parents on the consequences, dangers and risks when using online applications.

People's lives are increasing documented through social media sites but should you post everything?

Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and WhatsApp all are familiar words and possibly familiar sites but do you know how what you post to these sites can be used by other people? Are you aware that an image can give away the exact location of where that photo was taken? People regularly give away more information than they intend online. ThinkUKnow is aimed at teaching students and their parents on how to limit what information is given out and to demonstrate the potential dangers and consequences when sharing information through social sites.

To request a ThinkUKnow information session, please go to the booking form on the ThinkUKnow website. Once you have made the request, a local police officer will be in contact.

If you would like more information on the program, please email us.