Western Australian State CCTV Strategy

Whilst Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has increasingly featured in the community as a safety and crime prevention tool, the growth of technology has not been without complications and, in the past, there has been limited coordination between the various CCTV systems in Western Australia.

Western Australian State CCTV Strategy
View the State CCTV Strategy ( 316kb).

To address this lack of coordination, the WA Government made an election commitment in 2013 to implement a single overarching State CCTV Strategy for WA.

The State CCTV Strategy, formally launched in November 2015, aims to deliver more effective use of CCTV in WA to enhance community safety and security.

This will be achieved by establishing a coordinated State CCTV network, and by providing grants to local government authorities to install additional CCTV cameras and other infrastructure in crime hotspots.

More information on the various initiatives that will be delivered under the State CCTV Strategy is available on this website. This includes information that will assist local government authorities to apply for grants from the State CCTV Strategy Infrastructure Fund.

View the State CCTV Strategy ( 316kb).

Contact the State CCTV Strategy Secretariat

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State CCTV Strategy Secretariat
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