Connected CCTV Solution

A Connected CCTV Solution is being developed under the State CCTV Strategy that will enable emergency service providers (‘Clients’) to access data from CCTV recording systems that are owned, managed and operated by a range of other public and private sector entities (‘Donors’).

This service will provide a more efficient way for Clients to search and review CCTV data. It will provide a technological solution that will free staff and resources in both the Client and Donor organisations from time consuming and burdensome manual processes that are used to currently undertake these tasks.

As noted in the State CCTV Strategy, Donors will retain full control and ownership over their CCTV assets. To ensure concerns over privacy are addressed and that data is only accessed for an approved purpose, the rights of Clients and Donors and the roles and responsibilities of each as a participant in the State CCTV Strategy will be clearly defined.

Clients will only access CCTV data via the Connected CCTV Solution:

  • Following a critical incident in which the lives or safety of members of the public are or may be at risk, in order to coordinate the delivery of emergency services and/or response of law enforcement officers;
  • To gather intelligence and/or evidence to assist in the prevention of crime or terrorist activities;
  • To gather evidence following a critical incident; and
  • For a purpose that is otherwise required by or under law.

The Connected CCTV Solution will be built and implemented with the first round of clients and donors becoming progressively connected during 2018. Further updates will be provided on this page as the project progresses.