CCTV Criteria, Guidelines and Procedures

A CCTV system becomes a powerful investigative tool for police when the recordings clearly depict events with sufficient detail to identify the person(s) or vehicles(s) involved" - ANZPAA Police Recommendations for CCTV Systems

One of the biggest issues with closed circuit television (CCTV) systems is the quality of the output. Whilst you will have seen news reports in the past where police have sourced an image or some video footage from a CCTV camera, and have provided this to the community in an effort to establish a person’s identity or determine their location, if the CCTV output is of low quality then the exercise is of limited value.

One of the key initiatives of the State CCTV Strategy is to encouraging improvements in CCTV systems generally with a view to improving the quality and usefulness of CCTV outputs in Western Australia.

The following information will help you to assess your current CCTV system or help you gain a greater understanding of CCTV matters if you are preparing to purchase and have a new CCTV system installed.

ANZPAA CCTV Recommendations

The Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA) has published the ANZPAA Recommendations for CCTV Systems (‘the ANZPAA Recommendations’).

This document was prepared by a national committee of police experts in forensic imaging, and covers many aspects of CCTV operation. The document is supported by the WA Police Force and has also been adopted by the State CCTV Strategy as the minimum level for the use and installation of CCTV systems in Western Australia.

The ANZPAA Recommendations do not specify a maximum criteria, and many CCTV systems available in Australia will exceed these recommendations and still represent good value for money.

The WA Police Force Local Interpretation Guide for the ANZPAA Recommendations for CCTV Systems

The State CCTV Strategy brought together a group of experienced industry and police experts to explore the ANZPAA Recommendations with a view to determining whether they were suitable for use with the State CCTV Strategy. It was agreed it would be appropriate for a small number of variations from the parameters stated in the ANZPAA Recommendations to be used with the State CCTV Strategy.

These variations are outlined in the State CCTV Strategy’s Local Interpretation Guide to the ANZPAA Recommendations for CCTV Systems. The Local Interpretation Guide should still be read in conjunction with the ANZPAA Recommendations. Both documents can be downloaded below.

ANZPAA Recommendations

WA Police Force Interpretation Guide of the ANZPAA Recommendations for CCTV Systems

ANZPAA Resolution Test Chart Video

On the back inside page of the ANZPAA Recommendations document you with find a resolution test chart. This chart is designed to assist you with evaluating the resolution of your current CCTV cameras, or set specifications for any future purchase of a CCTV recording device and cameras, but using the test chart can be confusing if you are not technically minded.

To assist you with understanding and using the resolution test chart, a short video has been prepared providing a step-by-step guide to assist you with assessing the output of your CCTV system.