State CCTV Register

WA Police is currently developing a State CCTV Register that will record detailed information on CCTV cameras and systems that monitor public spaces in Western Australia.

The State CCTV Register will assist WA Police to locate CCTV cameras more quickly during investigations, and also help with the collection of CCTV evidence of offences. It may also be utilised by emergency services and public security organisations to help them respond more effectively to emergency situations as they arise.

All WA Government public sector agencies will be required to record their CCTV assets in the State CCTV Register.

Other CCTV owners in Western Australia - such as local governments, private sector organisations and companies, and members of the public – may volunteer to register their CCTV assets on the State CCTV Register if they wish to do so.

The State CCTV Register is currently in development, and will commence operation in the first half of 2017. Further updates will be provided at this page as they occur.