Information Access Fees

Fees charged for Information Access products are legislated through the Police (Fees) Regulations 1981.

Information Access Product Fees (including GST)
National Police Certificates $63.70
Volunteer National Police Certificate $18.00
Spending a Conviction No fee
Record of Traffic Infringement Notices $16.30
Information Report for Criminal Injuries Compensation $30.00
Record of Crash Incident $54.40
Record of Crime Incident $49.60
Replacement copy of Statement of Material Facts $91.91 per hour
Replacement copy of a Personal Statement No fee
Conviction History for Court No fee
Access to personal information or request to amend personal information No fee
Application Fee - non-personal information $30.00
Processing Fee - non-personal information $30.00 per hour
Photocopying Fee 20c per page

NOTE: Payments made by cheque or money order must made be payable to the Commissioner of Police. Electronic Money Order vouchers cannot be accepted and will be returned.