Firearms Infringement FAQs

What are the Offences?

Firearms Act 1973 section: 19(1)
The licence held by you expired and was not renewed in the 3 months following that date. As a result it may be alleged you are contravening the Act.

How much will I have to pay?

The penalty for a Firearms offence is $421.00

How old do I have to be to get a Firearms Infringement?

A Firearms Infringement can be issued to alleged offenders 18 years and older.

Why are Police now issuing Firearms Infringements?

Infringements have been issued by WA Police Force for Section 19(1) offences for many years. WA Police Force have now modified their process to make use of the new Non-Traffic Infringements Management Solution (NTIMS) functionality. Use of NTIMS makes it easier for WA Police Force and simpler for alleged offenders to receive the Infringement and make payment.

What happens if I am issued a Firearms Infringement?

The serving officer will speak with you about your Firearms Infringement and the implications for your Firearms Licence and the Infringement.

Will I get a criminal record as a result of this Firearms Infringement?

If the infringement is paid in full no criminal conviction will be recorded. Paying the penalty amount will not constitute a conviction of an offence under the Act and will not be regarded as an admission of liability for or affect any civil court case.

What happens if I have a previous record for similar offences?

Issuing of Firearms infringements is not mandatory and the investigating officer will use his/her discretion as to the appropriate course of action for the incident. This may involve a Court appearance.

How do I pay if I have been issued a Firearms Infringement?

Payment options are listed on the infringement notice and include;

  • In Person at Australia Post
  • Online
  • By Post
  • By Telephone

You may also pay in person at Police Stations with facilities to receive payment and only where there is no local Australia Post Office.

What will happen if I do not pay the infringement on time?

If you do not want to be prosecuted in court for the alleged offence, pay the Amount Due by the Due Date AND pay your Firearms Licence. If no payment is received by the Payment Due Date, WA Police Force may commence prosecution proceedings against you.

Will Firearms Infringements issue a Final Demand if payment is not received?

NO. Unlike other infringement types, if payment is not received you will not be issued a Final Demand Notice, nor will the matter be referred to the Fines Enforcement Registry. Either the Infringement is paid in full by the payment due date, or the matter is taken to court.

Can I make part payments?

No, Legislation dictates that payment must be made in full.

Can I seek a review of a Firearms Infringement?

Yes, adjudication of the infringement may be sought by applying in writing to Licensing Services, refer to the address on the back of the infringement notice.

Can I seek Legal Advice?