About viewing infringement images

If you have received a Traffic Infringement Notice or Notice Requesting Information related to the speed or red light camera offence and wish to view it to clarify the offence or registration number, then you may do so at:

Infringement Management and Operations, 2 Clayton Street, Midland.

Note: With the introduction of the Owner Onus law, Sections 6, 34 and 35 of the Road Traffic (Admin) Act, speeding and red light camera offences have the photographs attached to the Notice. These images identify the vehicle, there is no legal requirement for them to identify the driver although they may assist in doing so. It is encumbent on the 'responsible person' for the vehicle to identify the driver or person in charge at the time.

View images online

Viewings in person are only available by prior appointment. Please telephone 9374 4555 to arrange a suitable time.

Residents in Regional WA can arrange for the images to be sent to their local police station by contacting Infringement Management and Operations. Any viewing should be undertaken within the time limit endorsed on the notice to avoid penalties or further fees.

Country residents can view a photograph by writing to:

Infringement Management & Operations
State Traffic Coordination & Enforcement Division
Locked Bag 40
Perth Business Centre
WA 6849

and requesting a copy of the photograph be forwarded to your nearest police station or you may telephone Infringement Management & Operations on (08) 9374 4555 and request the operator to view the notice and clarify details.

When telephoning or writing, please supply the notice reference number and your daytime contact number or we may not be able to assist with your enquiry.

*Please note; Due to system security restrictions there is a limit to the number of users who can access images at one time.

If you experience delays in viewing your image, please try again at another time.