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IMPORTANT: Please read prior to paying your infringement.

Is the correct driver named on the Infringement?

Payment of a Traffic Infringement is a conviction, with associated demerit points, against the person named on the notice for the alleged offence.

If the person named on the notice was not the driver at the time of the offence, do not pay the notice. Instead, complete the driver identification section of the form with the full details of the driver and return it, before the due date, to:

Infringement Management and Operations
Locked Bag 40,
Perth Business Centre
Perth WA 6849

Payment due date

If payment is not received in 28 days, a Final Demand Notice will be sent to you with added costs and a further 28 days to pay the infringement notice.

If payment is not received in the next 28 days, your infringement notice will be registered at the Fine Enforcement Registry, which carries further costs and possible suspension of your vehicle and/or drivers licence.

The Fines Enforcement Registry legislation does allow part payments, once a matter is lodged with them. For further inquires contact the Fines Enforcement Registry on Ph 1300 650 235 or Eastern States Callers: (08) 9235 0235 or visit the Department of Justice website.

All payments are final

Payment of the full amount shown on the notice must be made before the due date.  Due to legislative requirements, part payments cannot be accepted.

Payment can be made online using BPAY© (using your online or mobile banking facility); or by Visa or MasterCard by clicking on the Pay Now button, below.

On the spot (hand-written) general traffic infringement notices can only be paid online if you have successfully retrieved the payment details.   

All traffic infringement notices can be paid at any Australia Post Office or agency.



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